Workshop on Progress and prospects in mouse models use for Biomedical Research: the experience of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, was organised 19th of October 2023. The participants learnt about the following subjects:

  1. Suitable animal model for efficient cell and tissue engraftment.
  2. In vivo experimental models as tools to investigate the effects of compounds on cancer development
  3. The abscopal effect induced by hypofractioned radiotherapy in NSCLC: a murine model.
  4. Preclinical studies: our experience in cancer.
  5. Description of FTL3-ITD+ leukaemia mouse model.
  6. Knowledge At the tip of Your fingers: Clinical Knowledge for Humanity.

The training has been organised in the frame of activities planned in WP2: Sharing scientific expertise for innovative R&I approaches (Task 2.1. Twinning visits with UNITOV).

Photos by Carla Montesano

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