European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) and its conference committee has approved the proposal of poster to be presented during the Annual Conference 2024 in Odense in Denmark. The Project Partners representatives wil communicate about the CANVAS activities and results during the conference. The activity is planned in WP4 – Upgrading research management and administration for better grant seizing (Task 4.1 Building a network between research support offices of partner units).

Excellent research and innovation centres have a well-organised research support ecosystem. The poster presentation will outline the approach of the EU-funded Twinning project “Enhancing Cancer Vaccine Science for New Therapy Pathways” (CANVAS) conducted in the frame of the Twinning call of Horizon Europe with regards to exchange of good practice and improvement of research management skills in the institutions involved.

The presentation intends to trigger ideas for future applicants for Twinning or similar tools to help design the content of prospective Twinning grants referring to the upgrade for research management and administration in such a way as to provide not only an upskilling of research management skills among researchers but also a platform for a development of RMA skills and RMA careers in the participating institutions.

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